Free Access to Online Encyclopaedia Judaica


ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA: ALL NEW AND ONLINE Excellent Tool for Judaic Research  The Department of Jewish Education (DJE) Library of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is proud to be one of the first Judaic institutions to offer public access to the all-new second edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica, thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. This most important Judaic reference work is now available in two formats, to meet everyone’s needs and personal study preferences. The public is welcome to use the printed encyclopedia at the DJE Library located at the JCC of Greater New Haven, and to access the online e-book encyclopedia via the Internet. 

To link to the Encyclopaedia Judaica: click on Encyclopaedia Judaica.

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The landmark Encyclopaedia Judaica has been lauded as the standard work on Judaism and as the first and final research authority in any Judaic library since it was first published in the early 1970s. It provides an exhaustive overview of Jewish life and knowledge from the origins of Judaism to the contemporary State of Israel, from rabbinic law codes to modern Yiddish literature, from mystical Kabbalah to Zionism. The new edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica includes more than 22,000 signed entries on Jewish life, culture, history and religion. More than half the articles from the 1970s edition have been completely rewritten, and more than 2,500 brand-new entries have been added, many focusing on subject areas – such as gender issues and Holocaust studies – that were just beginning to emerge when the first edition was published. The encyclopedia is an excellent resource for serious research as well as for personal education. The online version includes thousands of links that allow users to seamlessly navigate from article to article, reaping the rewards of the most up-to-date 21st-century technology along with the very best worldwide Judaic scholarship. The DJE is a department of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, whose mission is to lead, build, strengthen, and renew a dynamic local Jewish community and to provide support and caring for Jewish people in our community, Israel and worldwide. For further information, contact Elizabeth Edelglass, DJE Library Director, at 203387-2424, x330, or