Bin Laden’s One Mistake

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By Shmuel Sackett, International Director, Manhigut Yehudit
1 Iyar 5771 (May 5, 2011)

One thing made Osama bin Laden public enemy #1.
One thing made him a target for America’s hit squad.
One thing – and only one thing – made his assassination justified and praised by world leaders.
He didn’t just kill Jews.

Had he limited his terrorism to Jews only, he would not have been targeted.
The same world leaders who today take great pride in his death would have celebrated his life. He would not have been killed by President Obama; he would have dined with him.

He would have been invited to the United Nations.
He would have had a worldwide speaking tour.
He would have won the Nobel peace prize.

Think I’m crazy? Mahmoud Ahmadinijad is the President of Iran.
His resume’ includes a lot more than just politics. It has been alleged that he participated in the attacks against the Jewish community of Argentina where hundreds of Jews were killed. He has stated – time and again – that he wants to destroy Israel. He wants to kill the 6,000,000 Jews (interesting number) who live here and he is feverishly working to build a bomb that will do just that.

Has he been targeted?
Is this animal on any one’s “hit list”?
Actually, just the opposite is true.
He recently spoke in the UN. He was a guest speaker in Columbia University.
Because he is only interested in killing Jews.

Khaled Mashaal is the leader of Hamas.
Hamas is a sworn enemy of Israel.
It has killed and maimed thousands of Jews since the “peace process” came about.
It has fired over 5,000 missiles into Israel, aiming for Jewish homes and hoping to kill Jewish children.

Has he been targeted?
Is this beast on anyone’s “hit list”?
Actually, just the opposite is true. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently invited Mashaal to Moscow.
Former US President Jimmy Carter has embraced Mashaal and considers him a “partner for peace”.
Because he is only interested in killing Jews.

Yasser Arafat was the leader of the PLO for almost four decades.
He has more innocent blood on his hands than bin Laden.
Yet this murderer was a guest at the Clinton White House more than any other world leader!
He spoke in the UN.
He was accepted around the world as a leader and spoke in over 30 countries.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Because he was only interested in killing Jews.
His successor, Abbas is a Jew murderer, as well.

Although I can go on, I will give just one final example: Adolf Hitler.
The world knew about his plans for the Jews as early as 1933.
The world knew about Kristallnacht back in November of 1938, and of the concentration camps shortly thereafter. Yet the entire world called this monster “Herr” Hitler. They gave him respect. They recognized him as a leader. All that changed when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. From that point on he became an enemy. Why? Because until that day he was only interested in killing Jews.

Osama bin Laden violated the golden rule: In addition to killing just Jews, he also killed non-Jews. That is why he was targeted and for no other reason!

The message to Jews – and the State of Israel – is very clear.
Learn to defend yourself. Learn to take revenge yourself.
The world will not help you with Iran, Hamas or the PLO/PA.

Ahmadinijad, Abbas & Mashaal will not make the same mistake as Bin Laden. They will continue to be accepted and embraced by the world. Understand this, accept this and deal with this.

“We have no one on whom to rely, other than our Father in Heaven”.
May today’s Jewish leaders – and the brave warriors of the IDF – engrave this on their hearts. And may they – very soon – do to these terrorists exactly what was done to Bin Laden.

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