Shirley Insler – Sarah bat Moshe and Esther – 2018

We’re here today to mourn the passing but also to honor and cherish the life of Shirley Insler, beloved mother and cherished friend. It’s true that Shirley lived a long and full life, and that she was 94 ½, but we are still shocked by her sudden passing and we are saddened that such a wonderful person has been taken from us. Still, we are comforted that she simply went to sleep. And we know that because of her loyal and loving daughters Nancy and Marcia, everyone did everything right and she got the best of care and attention. We know that everything that could be done for her was done and there are no second thoughts. So let’s not focus on her death but on her wonderful life.

She was the daughter of her loving parents Morris and Annie. She was born on New York City and was raised on the Upper West Side. She came up here to Bridgeport and then to New Haven.
She graduated high school and took courses at Columbia. She worked as an executive secretary and administrative assistant at various agencies and companies. She worked at the Jewish Community Center, the Jewish Home for the Aged, the Jewish Federation, the State of Connecticut, and Yale University. Even when she retired, she was always very active. She did a lot of volunteer work for B’nai Brith women, Congregation Sinai and the Democratic Party. She was also a great gardener.

To her daughters Marcia and Nancy, she was the best mother possible. She was always there for them. She was their greatest support. She encouraged them to fulfill themselves in every way. When they were young, she was at all their events, their shows and plays. She was totally committed to them. She taught them to think very practically. She told them that you have to be nice to everyone because you never knew when you are going to need the Devil.

How shall we describe Shirley Insler? She was absolutely beautiful. She was warm and lively and she lit up the room.

To Marcia and Nancy, we offer our comfort and condolences at this sad time. She was a righteous woman. May she rest in peace. Let us say Amen.