Shirley Fleisher – Tzivia bat Moshe ve-Feiga – 2018

We’re here today to mourn the passing but also to honor the life of Shirley Fleischer, beloved mother and grandmother and cherished friend. We’re sad to be here, but we know, without any hesitation, that life was not life for her any more, and we should be content that everything that could have been done was done for her, and that she got the best of care from her family and the medical personnel, and that this was her time.

She was born on November 25, 1923, so she was 94 years old when she passed away. She was the daughter of Morris and Fanny. She was the sister of the late William and Edith. We mourn with her beloved brother Harold and his wife Dorothy.

She graduated Commercial High School in 1941.
She became friends with Rhoda Cohen and Charlotte Supporting all the way back in high school.

Shirley and Elliot. Their families owned stores; her family had a Confectionary Store and Elliot worked with his family at a Grocery store on Grand Avenue. Elliot would come for a Strawberry ice cream soda just to be near her. He got free passes to the movies for one of their first dates. She asked him to shave.

They were married for 64 years. He loved having Shirley’s family as his own. They had a wonderful marriage and they loved each other very much. She loved her home. Since Elliot had moved a lot as a child, he had said to Shirley: “When we have a home we’re never going to move.” She gave him the family and the home he had wanted.

When they went to the grocery store together, it was really interesting. They would be walking down parallel aisles, arguing over the shelves, shouting at each other about the bananas for 25 cents.

Together they raised their wonderful and beloved children Dan and Barry and Michele.
The boys had band rehearsals at their home. It was a happy house. Whatever the kids wanted, she would do for them. It was a happy family.
The house was filled with music, all the time.
Shirley sang opera. She sang in the choir at shuls.
She was singing at the New Haven Coliseum when she was pregnant with Michelle. Elliot was so worried about here that he was in the rafters above the play; he fell and knocked over a lot of chairs.

Michele’s passing was something that was so unbearable that there really are no words. I remember her face. Now they will be together again.

She worked for Ort and Weight Watchers.

She was involved in the synagogue for many years.
Shirley loved being Jewish. She loved to dress up to go to shul. She loved the Jewish holidays. She was so thrilled to go to Israel. They sent their kids to the Hebrew Day School.

She was so proud of her family, of Daniel and Magda, Barry and Robin. And she was so proud to be the cherished Grandmother of Rebecca, Rachel, & Adam.

To Dan and Barry and the whole family, we wish you G-d’s comfort at this sad time. You loved her and she loved each of you. She was a righteous woman. May she rest in peace. Let us say Amen.