Ruth Abeshouse – 2019

We’re here today to mourn the passing but also to honor the life of Ruth Abeshouse, beloved mother, grandmother and friend. We know that Ruth has gone through a lot for a long time, and that she has had wonderful care and attention, and that this was her time.

She was born 93 years ago and grew up with her beloved brothers Archie, Meyer, and Melvin. We miss them today and remember them with affection and respect.

Ruth married Jordan, a professional artist, and she was an artist herself who had a showing at the Brooklyn Museum. She also made jewelry.

She was a pioneering physical therapist for thirty-five years. The physical therapy school that she attended in New Haven was incorporated in 1950 with Allied Health of the University of Connecticut. With her dear friend Betty Sumner, she worked at St. Raphael’s and then later she worked for Dr. Martin Sumner.

She cared about her patients; she was very dedicated.

Ruth was a terrific person who worked in her profession and then handled everything in the family. She was a supermom before anyone coined the word.

She was a wonderful wife and mother. Together with Jordan, she built a family with their beloved children Stuart, Matthew and Tevin. She was the center of her family and a very important person in her extended family. She would have 30 people for Passover and all the other holidays.

She went through a lot in her life. She lost her beloved husband Jordan way before his time and then even more tragically her cherished son Stuart. Through Stuart, she had the comfort of her grandchildren Leah and Julia Cooper.

She had some very dear friends, including Betty Sumner and Shirley Chasan. There was opera and weekends in New York. There are stories of traveling to Australia and keeping her medication in the refrigerator the whole way.

She was a person who had a lot of compassion

She was a very loving mother and a very good friend. I can’t imagine her saying a bad word about anyone or anyone saying anything bad about her.

I’d like to say a word to Matthew and Tevin. Thank you for everything you did for your mother, Matt in your home every day and Tevin as much as he could from New York. Thank you for your devotion, your loyalty, and your caring.

She was a righteous woman, May she rest in peace. Let us say Amen.