October 2019: From TBS President Josh Weissman

“We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time with great anticipation, and now it’s here.” Anyone who has attended Bnai Mitzvot at Temple Beth Sholom recognizes these words as the Rabbi’s official opening of the weekend on Friday night. In that same spirit, I now take this opportunity to turn the tables on the Rabbi. With this High Holiday season, Rabbi Scolnic has been our spiritual leader for 36 years. In recognition of this milestone, a roast will be held on November 10 in his honor.

  September 2019: From TBS President Josh Weissman

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer, taking time to relax and have fun with family and friends. The High Holiday season is approaching at the end of the month, bringing with it the opportunity for self-reflection. During this time we are not asked, but rather expected to look back on our actions in general and toward each other in the past year.

  July/August 2019: From TBS President Josh Weissman

We are now finally heading into Summer, which means we have passed a couple of important dates in the calendar. First, Installation has taken place, and the slate of Nominees has been approved and the newest TBS leaders have been sworn in. I would like to thank Brian Lakin for being the Chair of this year’s Nominating Committee. I know that it was not easy, but at no time did I doubt that you would assemble a fantastic Board. Secondly, we have now begun the new Fiscal year, which means that the 2019-2020 Officers, Directors and Trustees terms have officially begun, including the new President-elect. Thank you to all who answered the call and accepted the challenge.

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