April 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

On Sunday, April 10th I was honored to receive the Men’s club Keeper of the Flame award. What did I do to deserve this award? I don’t know, because I didn’t do anything extraordinary. I just did what I always do, my everyday routine. I try to help in any way I can. Along with Elliot Alderman, I bring the foods that are donated and left in the basket and barrels to the Jewish Family Service food kitchen. Thanks to Elliot for helping me schlep and to our members who donated the food.

  March 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Ah yes spring is here. Although this past winter was a relatively easy season, it is good to put it behind us and to look forward to spring and a new beginning. The grass is growing and turning green (with a little help from seeds and such). Trees and flowers are in bloom (sorry for your allergies).

  February 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

It’s not a case of being lazy, OK maybe it is. The point is I am not very organized. I have been lax in my personal life about answering, responding and thanking people. Thank you to all the friends and congregants who sent their get well wishes and contributions in my name.

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