February 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

It’s not a case of being lazy, OK maybe it is. The point is I am not very organized. I have been lax in my personal life about answering, responding and thanking people. Thank you to all the friends and congregants who sent their get well wishes and contributions in my name.

  January 2016: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

This year, 2016, marks 49 years at TBS for Eta and me. 49 years ago we joined TBS (we were just children).

We made friends here. Many are more than just friends. Over the years we have lost dear friends much too soon and we often think of them.

So much of our lives have been built around TBS. The good, times, and yes the sad times.

  December 2015: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Potato Latke’s-sour cream-applesauce

The aroma of frying latkes fills the house-it gets into areas of your past that brings back so many memories. When we were kids, how excited we were, getting Hanukkah gelt, lighting the candles and spinning the dreidel and telling the story of the brave Macabees and the oil that lasted for 8 days.

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