In the 1500’s John Heywood, an English playwright and poet said, “Many Hands make light work.” When I first saw this quote, I immediately thought of Temple Beth Sholom and our congregation.

Throughout the year I will be introducing you to different members of our TBS family. This month, I would like you to meet Alan White.

Alan chuckled when I called and asked if he was watching the Giants/Redskins game because I didn’t want to disturb him. “No,” he replied. “I am watching a gourmet cooking show!”
A committee is a group of people delegated to perform a function.
Going to your first meeting with a room full of people can sometimes be hard. Some faces you recognize, others you don’t. You might smile and acknowledge one familiar face, but now, where do you sit? Is that seat taken next to the familiar person? Does someone you don’t recognize always sit in the same seat? This predicament should not stop you from checking out the 28 committees that cover Temple Beth Sholom. Committee chairs are always looking for new ideas and certainly an extra pair of hands.
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