May 2018: From TBS President Brian Lakin

I had several ideas for topics to write about as my last bulletin article of my term. As I sit in the synagogue library, because I have no power, internet or phone service at home due to the recent tornado, I have rethought all of them.

  April 2018: From TBS President Brian Lakin

Spring is finally here. Well, sort of. Regardless of the temperature outside, the calendar says that it’s time for our spring holidays and activities. We have B’nai Mitzvah, we have holidays, we have fundraisers and social action activities. We have classes for young and old and both Men’s Club and Sisterhood have a full schedule of programs coming up. Chances are excellent that we have something going on this spring to pique your interest.

  March 2018: From TBS President Brian Lakin

Spring is here, and with it comes a full calendar at TBS. B’nai Mitzvah season is upon us, along with Pesach, The Catskills at TBS, the First Annual Kosher Brisket Challenge and a flurry of events and activities throughout the many arms of the synagogue.

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