Temple Beth Sholom follows the latest health and safety protocols established by the CDC, local government, and our Pandemic Committee. We monitor the situation closely and update these policies as conditions evolve. 
Please see below our current Covid-19 Safety Guidelines.

For all questions or to receive additional information about our policies please contact (203) 288-7748 or email President@tbshamden.com

TBS COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDELINES  (last updated 05/10/22)

This is a “living document”, to be reviewed at least monthly. This document may also be updated timely in light of other significant events, such as updates by federal, state or local public health experts and agencies.
1. Vaccination Status. Anyone entering the building must be fully vaccinated, including a booster, if eligible.
2. Children. Children may attend services, if vaccinated, if eligible, at the parents’ discretion.
3. Masks. Masking is strongly encouraged. We continue to encourage masking considering the diversity and varying levels of comfort within our community.
4. Your Health. All attendees should self-screen prior to attendance. Please use the hand sanitizer available at each entrance. Please DO NOT ENTER the building, if you are
experiencing any symptoms: fever, new cough, shortness of breath, new loss of smell or taste, headache, sore throat. Anyone acquiring symptoms consistent with Covid-19 or testing positive for Covid-19 within 14 days after attending a synagogue activity is requested to promptly notify the synagogue President by calling the TBS Office at 203-288-7748 or by emailing President@tbshamden.com.
5. Hebrew School. For specific questions about Hebrew School, please contact the Principal at Hebrewschooltbs@gmail.com.
6. Zoom. All services will continue to be available on Zoom.
7. Minyan. Morning and Evening Minyan will take place in the Sanctuary.
8. Shabbat Services. Friday evening and Saturday morning services are open for attendance for up to 220 people.
9. Seating. People in the same household may sit together. Family members not in the same household, but in the same “Covid pod”, e.g., a Covid social bubble or pandemic pod, may also sit together. Please do not remove the ropes from the pews.
10. Honorees. Individuals coming up for an Aliyah, should maintain a social distance from Torah reader and the Gabbai.
11. Lobby. Congregants and guests will not gather in the lobby following services.
12. Food. All food and drink service may resume at the discretion of the Food Service Committee and the Pandemic Committee.
13. Meetings. Board, committee, and other group meetings may be conducted indoors, consistent with the rules listed above, at the discretion of the individual leading the meeting. Additionally, a Facility Use Form shall be completed to identify if a meeting is in person or on Zoom.