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After the High Holidays, the festival of Sukkot can seem like an anticlimax. But it is a beautiful, joyous holiday. In fact, is the only festival in which we are COMMANDED to be happy: “For a seven-day period you shall celebrate… and you shall be happy!” (more…)

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Israel Matters! – October 2023

Sabra Celebs!

Too frequently, what the world sees, hears, and thinks about Israel is negative (frequently with a not-so-accurate and anti-Israel slant). But on the other end of the public opinion continuum, Israel has a number of internationally-known “celebs” (a “celeb” or “סלב” in Hebrew is just what you might expect – a celebrity), who routinely shine a bright spotlight on the country. Israel Matters is proud to devote this month’s issue to highlighting a few of these famous folks of Israeli descent who, through their exemplary work, bring a positive feeling about the State of Israel to many around the world. (more…)

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October 2023: President’s Message

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Our lay leadership, our committee chairpeople, and our committee members, are all volunteers. They are teachers, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, nurses, bankers, engineers, artists, retirees—you name it! There are many days when they go from their day jobs, their appointments, and their errands straight to the Temple. (more…)

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Sometimes I don’t know what to worry about first. The list goes through my head in no particular order. (more…)

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Israel Matters! – September 2023

More Israeli Weird Science!

In the February 2022 issue of Israel Matters we introduced you to a goldfish that could drive its fish tank around the campus of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Tel Aviv research that detected liars based on the movements of facial muscles, and 3D-printed meatless meat inspired by research at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. A year and a half later, and just in time for Rosh Hashanah when we should be inspired by fresh ideas and new thoughts, Israel Matters is proud to present an encore edition of Israeli Weird Science. (more…)

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September 2023: President’s Message

This summer was not just for rest and relaxation, it was for meetings, planning and getting ready for the upcoming year.

In lieu of a formal meeting in July, members of our Board of Directors joined me for a brainstorming session. We discussed different ideas, including the Back to Shul Open House on August 27th (I hope you were able to attend or will be able to attend the next one), and cleaning and organizing the storage rooms.

If you came to services during the summer, you may have seen that we had many boxes with books and miscellaneous items spread out on multiple tables. We channeled Marie Kondo and spent time cleaning and reorganizing the storage rooms. We have more spaces to tackle, so if you LOVE to organize and would like to help, please contact me…immediately. (more…)

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Social Action – July 2023

Agency Contacts Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Gary Drucker gdknix@gmail.com M.L.Keefe Center & Sleeping Giant Build Debby Pines debby@snet.net New Reach & IRIS & North Branford Food Pantry Fran Parness 203-430-7362 The Towers Eta Kaplan 203-281-3349 Knitting Project Helene Meltzer 203-281-0709 Fresh Fruit Program Deborah Wilkenfeld Wilkenfeld_Deborah@yahoo.com Columbus House & Partnerships Adult Day Care Marjorie Drucker mdrocks2@gmail.com Ronald McDonald House Pop Tabs Gerry Ganezer 860-620-0907

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Israel Matters! – July/August 2023

Reflections On A “First” Visit to Israel

I consider May’s TBS tour of Israel led by Rabbi Scolnic to be my first time in Israel. In actuality it was my second as I did spend two nights in Tel Aviv attending my nephew’s wedding back in 2012. That visit consisted of a quick afternoon visit to Jaffa, a couple of wonderful meals alongside the Mediterranean Sea, and the aforementioned wedding ceremony and celebration. (more…)

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