November 2014:

Rabbi, Cantor and fellow congregants, Shabbat Sholom,
Good Yuntif.
Sitting up here on the Bimah and now standing before you and looking out at our congregation, I am seeing so many new faces.

Welcome to Temple Beth Sholom. I can’t help but be so proud of our shul. Of what we have done in the past and what we want to do and will do in the future. The heart and soul of our shul is here in this sanctuary, and all the other vital parts that make us whole, are spread out in this building.

Now I will tell you a story of a poor old G-d fearing Jew who lived in the city of Prague. One night he dreamt he should go to Vienna, where at the base of the bridge, near the King’s palace, he would find a buried treasure. So he left his family behind and off to Vienna he goes to
find the treasure. Alas, the King’s soldiers prevented him from going across the bridge and one of the soldiers demanded “Jew what are you plotting?” The old man told of his dreams and the soldier broke into laughter. Finally the soldier said, “What a foolish old Jew you are, believing in dreams”. If I let my life be guided by visions I would be well on my way to the city of Prague, for just last night I dreamt that a poor Jew in that city has, buried in his cellar, a treasure which awaits discovery. The poor Jew returned home and dug in his cellar and found the treasure. The treasure was always in his possession.

Our treasures are the K’Tanim where our little ones grow and learn. Our treasures are in the classrooms where our children are being educated by our dedicated teachers, the library with its high tech capabilities, where so many meetings and classes are held; the social
hall where we hold so many programs; the Lunch and Learn series; the Adult Ed program; the L’Chaim Lecture series; men’s club breakfasts and sisterhood functions and of course, the most successful second Seder; the new improved kitchen and we keep upgrading our office
equipment and now we have a new roof.

Something is always going on at TBS, classes, meetings, luncheons, dinners. We have daily minyans in our small chapel and of course Shabbat and Yuntif in our sanctuary.

This building is always in need of attention, fixing the front doors so they open and close properly, painting the classrooms, waxing the floors, cleaning the carpets, I could go on and on. Now here it comes: All of the above mentioned take lots and lots of money. Our dues alone, along with tuition, do not cover the costs. We need your help; we need you to look in the mirror and ask yourselves, have I done enough. I know that we are always being asked to give and it is getting tougher and tougher to meet the demands for our dollars. You should have already received a letter from our High Holiday Pledge committee asking for your help. Please respond in a generous way.
Sy Kaplan
TBS President