November 2013: From TBS President Bryan H. Pines

November 2013: From TBS President Bryan H. Pines

            Love It or List It is a Canadian television show aired on the Home & Garden Network. I rarely watch television other than sports. I am entertained by this show; however I question its truthfulness and authenticity. Homeowners make an emotional and financial decision to choose between renovating and selling their house. A budget is arbitrarily determined in which the worn-out home is transformed into a castle that renews their love, or possibly motivates them to list the home with a realtor. Either because of my stubbornness or loyalty, I have yet to view an episode where I feel the homeowners should choose to leave their home. There must be a reason why these individuals initially fell in love with their home. So the question becomes; what has changed in their lives and altered their perspective?


            These are the questions we can all ask ourselves as it relates to our Temple. Initially, what aspect of the Shul did you fall in love with? Was it friendships with other members that led to long-standing relationships? Maybe it was our outstanding Hebrew school that taught your children about prayer and Jewish traditions. We are an active, vibrant and strong Shul that is sensitive to the changing needs of our Jewish community. As the demographics show that our Jewish population is aging, we are on the forefront by providing programming designed to help our seniors and retirees deal with daily issues that can ultimately improve their lives.

            So then where should we focus our efforts to improve TBS and strengthen our foundation for generations to come? We are careful to maintain our programming within our current budget. There are many projects that have been postponed until we can secure the finances. This past year, an architect was hired to examine our options to repair our leaky flat roof. An interesting suggestion involves raising the pitch to improve drainage. A new committee has been formed to examine which of the alternatives would provide the most feasible solution for the Board of Director’s consideration.

            I am not only asking for a donation, but one that includes Curb Appeal. We have avoided the roof repairs for many years due to the cost; however the patches and repairs are no longer adequate to prevent the leaks. Replacing the Sanctuary carpeting has been postponed until the roof is repaired. Your contribution is crucial to maintain the physical structure of the building. New monetary contributions may be eligible for matching donations from the Jewish Federation through a grant that will be submitted prior to the end of this calendar year. Qualification for this community grant is contingent on our ability to secure the remaining finances for the project. With your help, addressing these necessary improvements will create a Shul that we will all love for years to come.


Bryan H. Pines

TBS President