March 2023: President’s Message

Purim has come and gone and, of course, we’re all in de Nile that Passover is just around the corner. I wrote last month that Purim is my favorite holiday, but it’s actually tied with Passover as my favorite holiday. You’re probably wondering why…and I can tell you it is not because of the gefilte fish and matzah. It’s because of the memories I have of my family’s Passover seders.

We have been using Haggadah for the American Family written by Rabbi Martin Berkowitz (1958) since before I was born. In fact, our copies are so old that we actually had to photocopy them (shh, don’t tell the publisher). Growing up, we used to have 20-25 people at our seder. My most memorable one was in 2000 when my father dressed up as Moses from head to toe: an outfit most likely from Costume Bazaar, a wooden staff purchased at a Renaissance Faire, and my mom’s sandals (see photo: My father parting the Red Sea.)

Over the years, as our seder size dwindled down, so did dressing up as Moses, singing Passover parody songs, and playing with plague toys (purchased at the TBS Judaica Shop). However, with our growing new generation – my nephew Nathan (10) and cousin Sydney (1) – I’m hoping that we will start to bring back some of these things so we can create new Passover seder memories; and so I won’t always be the youngest singing the Four Questions.

What are your family seder memories? Share them with me at

And while I am writing about making new memories with family, there are many opportunities to make new memories with the TBS Family:
● On April 28 and 29, we will be hosting a special weekend called Darkness to Light: From Commemoration to Celebration. This weekend will recognize Yom Hashoah and Yom Ha’atzmaut. We will have a special Shabbat dinner with a Guest Speaker (ticketed event); a memorial candle lighting ceremony; a special extended Kiddush with a Guest Speaker; and Comedy with the Rabbi and a Klezmer Concert (ticketed event). This event is being planned by all arms of the Temple. Look for more information in the Bulletin, Temple Tablet, and your mailboxes.
● Come to Friday (7:30pm) and Saturday (9:30am) Shabbat services and stay for Oneg/Kiddush (or be part of the Kiddush Klub aka Egg-cellent Food Crew.
● Be one in a minion – I mean minyan! Zoom in or come in person for weekday minyan (7:15am Monday-Friday; 6:45pm Monday-Thursday; 9:00am Sunday).
● Join the Board of Directors or a Committee. Our Nominating Committee has been working on filling the slate of Board of Directors, Trustee and Vice Presidents (House, Fundraising, Treasurer). It can sometimes be a challenging process to find individuals to fill these positions. You might call the committee members and the nominated individuals heroes for seeking out the individuals, and for accepting the position, respectively. In reality, when you join TBS, you have already become a hero – each of you brings something new and different to our congregation. As the Rabbi mentioned in this month’s message, “We elevate no one above the humanity of all of us….we each are capable of growth, of becoming more than any of us think we can be.” Not all heroes are ready to reveal themselves – and we understand that – and some may prefer to help in smaller ways or with a team. Our committees are just for that. It does not matter what month you join, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and you’ll immediately make new memories. Find a committee by visiting this link:

Lauren Piscitelle
TBS President