ImageOn Monday (post Yom Kippur) Wayne Shore took boxes and bags full of donated canned goods and other staples to the Hamden Food Bank.  Wayne estimated that we collected 50 - 75% more food on Kol Nidrei this year than in the past.  WOW!!  The staff at the food bank was extremely grateful for this marvelous contribution to restock their depleted shelves.  Thank you to everyone who remembered that bag of food. (Ed. Posed fake picture. The actual picture I took was of much more food, but the camera failed to save it.)
Did you forget your bag as you were rushing out of the house?  It happens, but the food bank would still be happy for your donation.  We collect food year round.  There is a basket in the hall near the back entrance to the temple.  Wayne has been making deliveries to the food bank when the basket gets full.  If you bring a can or a package every time you come for a meeting or drop your children at Hebrew School, we can continue to help our neighbors in need.
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