December 2015: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Potato Latke’s-sour cream-applesauce

The aroma of frying latkes fills the house-it gets into areas of your past that brings back so many memories. When we were kids, how excited we were, getting Hanukkah gelt, lighting the candles and spinning the dreidel and telling the story of the brave Macabees and the oil that lasted for 8 days.

  November 2015: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Recently I had a hospital stay, it started out as a full knee replacement, it is such a common procedure, no big deal. It went very well and I was home in two days. Then something went wrong, (unrelated to the knee) and had to be rushed to Yale New Haven Hospital. I had passed out, why? Let the professionals do their job and figure it out. I was trying to rehab my knee at the same time. EKG’s, echo, test, test, and test. It was soon discovered that the plumbing of the heart was OK, it was the electrical system that was out of whack. A team of “electricians” were called in and they did their job and all is well. After a few days of checkups and therapy for the knee I was released from YNHH.

  October 2015: From TBS President Sy Kaplan

Presidential Award

Many of you may know him. His family has been long, long time members of TBS. But I'll bet that very few know what he has done and is doing here at Temple Beth Sholom.

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