September 2016: From TBS President Brian Lakin

As many of you know, Michelle and I (and our families) had the honor of celebrating our oldest, Shayna Naomi becoming a Bat Mitzvah in early September. I wanted to take this opportunity to share what one of our non-Jewish friends said to us after the ceremony on Shabbat morning.

   August 2016: From TBS President Brian Lakin

And so we say goodbye to another summer.   Over the course of the summer some of you may have attended a Shabbat service in our Library, or at Congregation Mishkan Israel and wondered what was going on. Thanks to the Bear family and the Bear Memorial Fund we have undergone some renovation work in our Sanctuary which prohibited us from using the room for a few weeks. Because of the Fund we were able to have the old carpet and underlying tiles removed and replaced with new carpeting.

  June 2016: From TBS President Brian Lakin

Rabbi, Fellow Congregants, Members of the Board of Directors, and Officers,

Thank you. Thank you to those who have completed their leadership terms and who have chosen to spend some time outside of the “limelight”. Thank you to Sy for his leadership over the past two years and hope that he enjoys sitting next to his wife in shul again, something that he hasn’t done in quite a few years because of his (and her) dedication to our community.

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