At a recent meeting of the Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors, a motion was made (and passed) to approve a program entitled “Planting Seeds,” which aims -- through modest financial incentives -- to attract more non-member families to enroll in our Hebrew School program, and ultimately to join our synagogue.  This program represents a proactive measure to deal with the fact that our school enrollment seems to be shrinking, despite fairly steady membership numbers.
Last year, I stood before you and gave many examples of how I knew that our community here at Temple Beth Sholom was thriving.  Tonight, I am pleased to say that we are still thriving.  We have had an exciting year, with innovative programming, increased ritual participation and two outstanding congregational trips to Israel with Rabbi Scolnic.  Just check out our new and constantly improving web site: to see how vibrant our congregation truly is.
Let me start by thanking Shira Rosenblatt for a lovely introduction, and for volunteering to serve as Installing Officer tonight & organizing the service.  While on the subject of Thank You’s, let me also thank each of the outgoing directors and trustees for their years of service to Temple Beth Sholom.
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