On Kol Nidre, I spoke about the extensive Social Action efforts made by members of Temple Beth Sholom, and of the importance of living generously, repairing the world, and setting examples for our children to follow.  I am pleased to say that the members of Temple Beth Sholom apparently are not content to rest on their laurels when it comes to Social Action.
For many of us, childhood memories involve holiday celebrations.  I would venture a guess that Hanukkah, in particular, is a holiday that evokes many memories -- gathering with family, cooking latkes, eating donuts, lighting candles, wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts.  Hanukkah is only one of several holidays that evokes memories for me; I retain vivid recollections of childhood High Holidays, Passover seders and Purim costumes, as well.
At a recent meeting of the Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors, a motion was made (and passed) to approve a program entitled “Planting Seeds,” which aims -- through modest financial incentives -- to attract more non-member families to enroll in our Hebrew School program, and ultimately to join our synagogue.  This program represents a proactive measure to deal with the fact that our school enrollment seems to be shrinking, despite fairly steady membership numbers.
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