As my first year of president of Temple Beth Sholom (TBS) comes to a close, I have learned so much from the staff and chairs of the many committees of the Temple. I would like to take this time to recognize them and tell them that their efforts are much appreciated.

My mother, Florence Frohman, asked one day, “So, who is going to be your next article?”
“Well, I thought since it is a May issue and it's Mother’s Day, I’ll ask a mother,” I replied.
“There are plenty of mothers to choose from,” she said.

What is the definition of a Gabbai?

“A Gabbai maintains the ritual of the Torah and the Torah service,”says Joan Levine, our Gabbai at Temple Beth Sholom.” What I really find fulfilling, is calling someone up for their first time or for their simcha, or even for their yahrzeit.”

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