My mother, Florence Frohman, asked one day, “So, who is going to be your next article?”
“Well, I thought since it is a May issue and it's Mother’s Day, I’ll ask a mother,” I replied.
“There are plenty of mothers to choose from,” she said.

What is the definition of a Gabbai?

“A Gabbai maintains the ritual of the Torah and the Torah service,”says Joan Levine, our Gabbai at Temple Beth Sholom.” What I really find fulfilling, is calling someone up for their first time or for their simcha, or even for their yahrzeit.”

Many people have approached me and asked if I am enjoying my role as President of the Temple. Of course, the answer is yes—I have to say the main reason it is so enjoyable is because I get to interview wonderful members. This week I caught up with Milton Caplan. He and his wife Patti have been members of TBS for 45 years.
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