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High Holiday Ticket Request 2019 - 5780
Fellow TBS Member:
L’Shanah Tovah! If your family requires additional High Holiday tickets,
please use this form and return to the TBS office by September 13, 2019.
Additional tickets may be purchased under the following circumstances.
● Members in good standing are eligible to purchase additional tickets for family &
friends who are visiting for the holidays.
● People who have moved to the area within the last year.
If they decide to join TBS this year, the ticket cost will be applied to their membership dues.
Tickets will be mailed to the TBS member making the request.
Tickets may not be purchased for:
● Anyone who has lived in the greater New Haven area for more than one year.
● Any child of a congregant who lives in the greater New Haven area and is 27 years or older.
Full-time students: — No form required. Present your student ID at the door.
P e r P e r s o n Ti c k e t P r i c e s
Relatives of TBS members .................................. $100
Non-related guests of TBS members ..................... 175
Persons new to the area ........................................ 175
This reflects one fee to encompass all High Holiday services.
If we are unable to accommodate your request, payment will be refunded.
If financial assistance is requested, please contact the TBS office.
Questions? Contact: Tanya, Membership Vice President at 203-699-9041
or the Temple office during business hours at 203-288-7748.
Name of TBS member requesting tickets: ____________________________________________
Address: Phone: _______________________________
Name of ticket holder: ___________________________________________________________
Address: How long: ___________
Relationship to TBS member: ___ relative ___ non-related ___ guest ___ newcomer
Age of guest (if child of member): ________
Total Number of Tickets requested: _____ Amount Enclosed: $ ___________
* * * Payment must accompany your request, or it will not be processed * *


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Crash Course in Reading Hebrew by Deborah for six weeks starting Thursday evening, October 17, at 7 PM (immediately following the evening minyan).  This class will be free and open to the public, and former class members who would like a review are welcome.
Interested members of TBS can e-mail me.  Non-members can leave contact information at the office.
(Attendance at the minyan before class will result in extra credit Emoji)

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Please join us Saturday evening, September 21st at 8:00 pm for a stimulating talk, followed by refreshments and the Selichot service.  

Selichot are communal prayers for divine forgiveness, said during the days before the High Holiday season.

All are welcome.


Thank you to everyone who came and donated to the Honorees Brunch.
Silent Auction Items Still Available!
We have the following silent auction items available and you can have a chance to win them! Please email the item + your bid to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bidding will be accepted through Wednesday, July 3rd at noon.
Item 140: Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
Description: Four admission passes
Value: $58
Minimum Bid: $20
Item 121: Yale Peabody Museum
Description: Four admission passes
Value: $52
Minimum Bid: $20
Item 110: Partnerships Center for Adult Day Care
Description: One week (a total of 5 days) of attendance / See website for more information -
Value: $375
Minimum Bid: $100
Item 111: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons from Shira Rosenblatt
Description: Thirty, half-hour lessons (expires 2021)
Value: $600
Minimum Bid: $200
Item 132: Relaxation Hypnosis Session donated by Hypnosis & E.F.T. Tapping in CT (Therese Baugmart)
Description: A wonderful relaxing experience! (expires 10/1/19) / More information here.
Value: $125
Minimum Bid: $75
Item 105: Kidding Around Yoga Party (with Sherri Sosensky)
Description: Party for up to 10 children, 1 hour with magical music for a personalized yoga class, complete with a sun salutation, breathing, mindful yoga games, and more. (Expires up to one year from date of purchase.)
Value: $125
Minimum Bid: $60
Item 103: Bowling Party at Johnson's Duckpin Lanes
Description: Party for 10 children, 1 hour of bowling, pizza/drink
Value: $180
Minimum Bid: $75



The Men’s Club of TBS is seeking younger members (anyone not yet receiving Social Security) to become active members and to take the club into the next generation. We typically meet once a month and plan events that support the mission of the Temple. We also plan fun and informative activities (bowling, baseball games, poker and speakers) that all members of the family can participate in.

If you are interested in this challenge, and want to support TBS contact co-presidents Richard or Sy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Cancellation of Services, Hebrew School, Meetings and Activities, due to inclement weather or otherwise, will be posted on the website Calendar. Click here to view the Calendar or call the Office at (203) 288-7748.


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