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Israel to Create an Egalitarian Prayer Plaza at the Western Wall

Israel recently approved a plan that would dramatically change the layout of Jerusalem’s Western Wall plaza, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, creating a space for egalitarian prayer and mixed-gender ceremonies for non-Orthodox Jews. The new area, which will enable men and women to pray side by side, is to be adjacent to the existing plaza run by stringent ultra-Orthodox rabbis. That area is split into prayer sections for men and women, although women are not allowed to read aloud from the Torah, wear prayer shawls, or sing there.

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New Mossad Chief: Iran Deal ‘Significantly Increases’ Threat To Israel

The nuclear agreement signed between Iran and six world powers in July 2015 has “significantly increased” the threat to Israel posed by the Islamic republic, Yossi Cohen warned as he was sworn in as the new head of the Mossad intelligence agency. Still, he added, he was confident the spy agency would be able to formulate an “appropriate response.”

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Netanyahu to UN: 44 Seconds of Silence

For 40 minutes at the United Nations General Assembly in early October, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eloquently articulated the challenges posed to Israel and to the international community by Iran and by Islamist fanaticism. He warned of the growing danger that Iran, “unleashed and unmuzzled,” will constitute in the wake of its nuclear deal. And he castigated the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for “libeling” Israel, from the same podium 24 hours earlier, by falsely asserting that Israel was seeking to harm religious freedom on the Temple Mount, when it was Islamic extremists who were desecrating the site by “smuggling explosives” into the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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