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IDF Discloses Scope of Israeli Aid to Syrians Affected by War

Israel has for the past year treated hundreds of Syrians and sent hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid in a new project dubbed “Operation Good Neighbor,” the IDF recently disclosed. Begun in June 2016, the initiative was launched with the goal of increasing civilian aid for Syrians while maintaining the principle of non-involvement in the Syrian civil war. More than 110 new aid operations have taken place since August 2016 as part of the initiative.

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Israel is in Love with its Homegrown Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

For a country that takes pride in even the smallest successes of its international celebrities, the debut of Wonder Woman has sparked an Israeli lovefest for home-grown hero.

A huge billboard overlooking Tel Aviv’s main highway is tagged with a “we love you” greeting, her Hebrew-accented appearances in the international media are reported daily and throngs of fans cheer wildly on seeing her on the big screen. Even Lebanon’s ban of the film hasn’t dampened the mood in Israel, where Gadot’s superhero status has been embraced as a national treasure.

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Israel Seeks to Identify All Jewish Holocaust Victims

Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices during World War Two. In many cases, entire towns’ Jewish populations were wiped out, with no survivors to bear witness - part of the Nazis’ plan for the total annihilation of European Jewry. Since 1954, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, has been working to re-cover the names of all the victims, and to date has managed to identify some 4.7 million. “Every name is very important to us,” says Dr Alexander Avram, director of Yad Vashem’s Hall of Names and the Central Database of Holocaust Victims’ Names. “Every new name we can add to our database is a victory against the Nazis, against the intent of the Nazis to wipe out the Jewish people. Every new name is a small victory against oblivion.”

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