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Knesset Proposal: Peace Talks Must Include Jewish Refugee Demands

The Knesset has passed an initial reading of a proposal stipulating that negotiations on Arab refugees must include demands for compensation of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries made Aliyah [immigration] to Israel in its early years after being banished and forced to leave behind property and
assets worth billions of dollars.

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House of Representatives Condemns “Biased” United Nations Report on Gaza Fighting

The US House of Representatives has condemned the UN Goldstone report as unfairly accusing Israel of committing war crimes in its 22-day war against militants in Gaza. By a margin of 344-36, lawmakers approved a non-binding resolution that calls the report “irredeemably biased and unworthy of further consideration or legitimacy.”

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Israel Hits Back at Gaza War Crimes Report

Israeli leaders united in condemnation of a “biased” UN report that severely criticized their invasion of Gaza last winter and rejected the central recommendation that Israel should hold an independent investigation into the offensive.

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