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Berlusconi Vows Italy's Firm Support for Israel

During his visit to Israel in February, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi pledged his country’s firm support for Israel, urging “effective sanctions” against its archfoe Iran and speaking out against a damning UN report on the Gaza war. In a speech before a special session of the Knesset, Berlusconi said Israel “is not only the biggest example of democracy and liberty in the Middle East, but the only example.” Moreover, that “the security of Israel ... is for us Italians an ethical and moral imperative.”

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IDF Military Delegation Cancels UK Trip for Fear of “Lawfare” Arrest

An Israeli military delegation recently canceled an official visit to Britain, Israeli officials announced. The Israelis called off the trip because their British army hosts could not guarantee they would not be arrested, the officials said. Neither the Israeli military nor the British government would comment.

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Knesset Proposal: Peace Talks Must Include Jewish Refugee Demands

The Knesset has passed an initial reading of a proposal stipulating that negotiations on Arab refugees must include demands for compensation of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries made Aliyah [immigration] to Israel in its early years after being banished and forced to leave behind property and
assets worth billions of dollars.

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