The mission of the Isaiah Fund is to provide food and groceries to people in the greater New Haven area.  Both the Jewish Family Service Pantry and the Hamden Food Bank serve those in need regardless of who they are, what their age is or why they are in such difficult circumstances.

In understanding hunger across the United States, there is one particularly vulnerable segment of the population affected by the recent economic downturns – the elderly.  The older population can find themselves particularly vulnerable because of complicating circumstances such as the need for special diets and physical problems inhibiting their mobility and ability to prepare their own meals.

In 2010 the organization “Feeding America” released its study of hunger in the U.S.  Key findings particular to the elderly are:
·         Nearly 3 million elderly are served by Feeding America every year – 8% of all Feeding America clients
·         30% of client households with seniors  indicate that they had to choose between food and medical care and 35% had to choose between food and paying for heat and other utilities
·         The number of seniors in need of food is expected to increase by 50% when the youngest of the Baby Boom Generation reach age 60 in 2025

The national Meals on Wheels Association of America published a comprehensive report on Senior Hunger in America. They have dispelled several myths about senior hunger in America:

·         Myth:  Senior hunger is only a problem for poor people
·         Fact:  Senior hunger is not just an income issue, but also a problem of access and care

·         Myth:  The government will take care of it
·         Fact:  They have not so far and there is talk of policy makers cutting funding on programs that that feed the elderly such as Meals on Wheels

·         Myth:  This issue doesn’t affect  you
·         Fact:  It does affect everyone.  Chances are someone you know and care about is over 60.

The senior population is growing and changing.  Access to nutritional food and a variety of medical and community services can be particularly difficult for the elderly.  Please watch for signs that someone is in need and alert those who may be able to help,

The Isaiah Fund continues its commitment to help all those in our local area struggling with hunger. Please help us – your donations are much appreciated.