We had an urgent request from our social worker for backpacks for the beginning of school.  Because time was so short, I couldn't even get the request into the Temple Tablet.  I contacted several individuals who had donated backpacks and school supplies in previous years, and within a week I had not only the five backpacks requested but an additional four more to give to Charlene Rigsbee at the Department of Children and Families.  Thank you so much to all who came through for us again.

Don't forget to bring a bag full of staple foods on Kol Nidrei for the Hamden Food Bank.  The shelves get emptied very quickly in these difficult financial times, and our donations are very much needed.  When you shop please purchase powdered milk in packets, tuna fish, peanut butter, canned green vegetables, breakfast cereals, juice boxes, canned soups and stews, rice, and cake mixes.

One last request, Helping Hands Community Thrift Store & Furniture Bank is being inundated with requests for beds. A homeless shelter has to replace all of their bedding due to a bug infestation, an Agency that works with refugees has 20 people coming to CT within the next 30 days and needs to furnish apartments, and countless low income people are coming in for beds on a  daily basis with stories of their kids sleeping on the floor or numerous people sharing one bed.  If you have beds you no longer need or know someone who does, please contact Helping Hands at 203-782-4800 and they will arrange to pick up the beds. All donations are tax deductible.